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What is State of Survival Mod Apk?

Today’s strong growth of the strategy genre has brought people rich and impressive content and improved visuals and mechanics on all platforms. Fortunately, this article will introduce State of Survival, a survival strategy game where players build the last bases of humanity and survive the worst.

Furthermore, the game currently has an impressive and engaging event, honoring collaborations with The Walking Dead franchise for players to explore or collect iconic content.

Main Features of State of Survival Mod Apk: –


The State of Survival will bring players the most impressive survival gameplay for mobile platforms and combine with tactical elements to have a genuine experience when becoming a leader of a survival team. The player’s first task is to build a safe base, recruit survivors, get medical checks, and ultimately develop everything for a better quality of life.

Meanwhile, they need to fight, explore, scout, patrol, and engage in various activities to keep the base safe from any harm. Besides protecting and growing, players can bond with other survivors and form small communities to exchange resources and necessities for the greater goods.


The game’s battle system is pure real-time strategy style, where players control combat units to the ideal positions to destroy all zombies. Moreover, the game will make things more complicated by adding the “environment” element and making every player’s trip more exciting and impressive. Depending on the environment, the player’s actions need to be careful and coordinate with the gathering of all resources. For each mission, the completion goal will be different, and the player must always become more flexible in many situations to return safely.


The base is the most important place for a player to survive for another day in a world of hopelessness. The player can build, expand, clean, and upgrade all buildings in the camp for better performance through it. Each building type has its unique uses, such as providing ammunition, food, drink, and many other scarce resources.

Of course, players can build more medical stations, armory, training zones, and many other places for combat units to charge up to prepare for the next trip. When players upgrade, it will require the HQ to have the necessary level and continuously open up new content to explore and build for the base, creating a strong community for everyone.


If the player wants to grow stronger, they will need to bond with other survival camps, thereby forming survival alliances. Through that, players can trade resources at reasonable prices and transport weapons, or join joint quests. The game focuses on developing alliances, which provides players with more discoveries by joining a strong alliance. Each week, the game will introduce more special events or exciting activities, which require players to work together to easily complete goals. That is also the purpose of the Alliance creation, to make things easier for players.


Even if the world becomes ruined, there will inevitably be important knowledge saved for generations to develop. The State of Survival will present everyone with a wide variety of upgrades that will allow them to develop new technologies or equipment to improve performance on each mission.

Furthermore, that system will influence base building, as it opens up new functions for players to build for defense or production lines. For equipment, the player will save more resources in crafting and unlocking advanced equipment to fight potential targets. However, every research process takes a long time to complete, and players must meet various conditions to start researching the content.

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App Details-

After starting the game, click on the round button at the top left to open the mod menu with the ability to disable the delay before the first (immediately after the inscription Attention, infected!) Use of skills.

How to Install & Download State of Survival Mod Apk?

1- Uninstall the PlayStore Version of the State of Survival App if you have previously installed it.

2- Download State of Survival Mod Apk from the below Download links.

3- Install the State of Survival Mod Apk (Tap on Allow from this source if asked)

4- Open the State of Survival Apk.

Enjoy 😳

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Final Words

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