35 thoughts on “RozDhan App – ₹52 on Signup + ₹6 per Refer [Earn Money Free]”

  1. Totally disappointed…Unlike Helo and some other apps, here you Can’t even withdraw the money until the amount reaches 200. The withdrawal limit must be at least around 100.

  2. This is a really awesome game with lots of cars It would be better if you add more vintage cars and SUVs. You also need to add the feature of the bonnet, the boot, and the doors to open. When you get out of the car you just glitch out instead of the door opening Also if you could add the feature of a super huge garage behind or beside the house where there is space for all the cars in the game and if we want to change the car we go there and change the car. Plz, add more hypercars and supercars and trucks.

  3. Aditya Chaturvedi

    The minimum withdrawal limit is too high i.e 200rs. And they deduct 20% commission when you withdraw money, this is also too high other apps take only 5 to 10%.

  4. Nithya Jayaraman

    Best app it gives real money But when my redemption of ₹ 200 is successful then I Will upgrade rating 4 to 5.

  5. This app is useful and legit, it’s really payouts but mainly, the withdrawal limit is 200, please down the withdrawal limit and sometimes it’s pop-up the ads whenever you open the application. This app is very good if you leave it alone and this app is overall nice.????

  6. The minimum withdrawal limit is too high i.e 200rs. And they deduct 20% commission when you withdraw money, this is also too high other apps take only 5 to 10%.

  7. The only way to withdraw money is KYC Paytm only after giving pan card details. Min. withdrawal limit is 200 rupees which will be completed within min. 120 days only if you complete all possible fair tasks daily. After 1 week you definitely get bored because of ads in each task. If you’ve multiple contacts then only you complete the 200 limits fast by inviting.

  8. Such an amazing game! My friends play it all the time and he helped us get through this tough year! Cant wait for the new map!!!! Also for all the people saying that they can never get into a game even when there are a few people and the game is full, you have to understand there are millions of people playing this game, so it can be 3 people at first, but in those first few seconds, before you tap it, a lot of people could join that lobby. So shut up and deal with it :)))

  9. An amazing game overall. I have an account on there at the moment and I think Instagram is a wonderful way of sharing ideas and interests with friends. I do have one suggestion, for entertainment purposes of course. It would be amazing if you could add an option to pick your own photo for the texting theme. It would be a fun way to customize your background instead of picking default. So if you see this review I would like this to happen, or maybe a way to customize even further. Great app.

  10. Hi Rozdhann.! I am having great difficulty with the internet and data loading in this game. In some matches, it says that I have a bad internet connection. Problem number 1: Loading data. when I downloaded the game, it was necessary to download the data, but for some reason, I could not do it. I received an inscription: Not enough space, uninstall several applications. (This is not literal) In this case, I have memory for 3 such games

  11. This game is AWESOME. It’s a very interesting game. I have ever played. But some changes can make this game amazing and more enjoyable. Some changes are mentioned below. 1) Some more booster should be introduced. 2)The price of hiring Tom and another farm helper should be reduced. 3) Bonus cards and items used in upgrades are very rare to be found some changes should be done to it. 4) The arrival of trains should be limited to 1 in 24 hours as it takes more time in serving the guest. Rest everything is fine. Keep it up.

  12. The gameplay is enjoyable! I’m daily playing free time and enjoyed it. However, every time they added new things to the game we had weeks if not months of problems. Along the way, we lost 2 of the farms and they were unable to help. Now they have made huge changes adding farm passes etc and we have now lost our main farm. Again they are ignoring our request for assistance, which as it is clearly something they did is most annoying. We have spent a fortune on the farms over the last 5 years or so, not to mention the cost of the 10 tablets in the first place so that we could all play!! Enjoyable game but Supercell should be ashamed of their selves so be aware before downloading and getting hooked on the game.

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