Reface App Review 2020

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REFACE: Face swap videos and memes with your photo


Duplicate is now REFACE  We swapped our name, now you can get to swapping faces.

Let’s cut to the chase—REFACE is the most advanced, top-rated, fun, and bizarre deep fake and face-swapping app. Ever.


Our Innovative AI Was featured in Forbes, Mashable, TNW, and Digital Trends.
Together with some daily-updated prosperity of origin movies, gifs, photographs, and images, you can create ridiculously realistic confront switch videos along with gifs with Only a solitary selfie

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REFACE will floor you while you dazzle your face, change it with actors, and eventually become a new man in popular TV and film clips.

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Be a magician, a pop superstar, or even a president. Become a star look-alike by massaging your face using trending picture and TV clips, or have pleasure and also replace your head with memes with our confront editor and confront morphing deep imitation tech, as REFACE can also be the best meme manufacturer on the Planet

Wait, what is deep fake?

Deep imitation technology is much more than simply face-swapping. Together with REFACE’s unique profound imitation AI, your selfie is mapped on a different face from the very eerily realistic manner you have ever seen, using persuasive facial expressions and expressions that truly seem just like you.


Utilizing our custom made RefaceAI, it is possible to see what it is like to have your own face starring characters, famous movies, and much more. How can we take action? When we told you, then we would have to kill you personally, however, understand that the outcomes are completely astonishing.

REFACE app 2020

“If you would like to reveal your family and friends some genuinely cursed GIFs, think about giving this a go. We are not responsible when they dissociate from you anymore ” – Mashable

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Deepfake your self
Ruin very fact. Freak out buddies. Mess with partners. Glue your face on your favorite superhero, TV celebrity, star, or meme gif, and discuss it on societal networking or together with friends as a movie, picture, or even gif. Change your sex, sew faces, and also execute complex profound fake face unifies together with our state of the art AI-powered confront changer, then discuss your invention with the planet and blow their heads.



Here’s what you can do with REFACE:
– Swap your face to celebrities or movie characters with deep fake technology.
– Play with live face swaps, gender swaps.
– Be amazed by the deep fake maker and face changer.
– Share your awesome face swapped clip or funny meme as a gif or video to messengers and social media.
– Try face swaps with new videos and gifs posted every day.

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Families can discuss meme civilization when utilizing Reface: Face Swap Videos. Video clips, GIFs, and memes are an enjoyable way to convey feelings and thoughts and may be perfect for a fantastic laugh, but they’re also able to be offensive, and reinforce racist perspectives, harness events, and distribute misinformation. The open conversation might help prepare adolescents to become aware creators and consumers of the media

Talk about a number of the older elements which may be discovered from the program and talk about expectations for discussing. Are you several movies or GIFs which are not OK for face sharing and swap?

Since the program brings itself to social media and supports sharing on social networking platforms, households can share guidelines for participating with others.

Final Words

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