10 Best Games Like PUBG Mobile on Android 2020

The government had forced a ban on 118 Chinese apps in interest to the 59 Chinese apps banned earlier amid the rising forces at the India-China boundary. Although PUBG has been acquired by a South Korean video game company called BlueholeChinese multinational conglomerate Tencent holds a considerable amount of share in the popular game. Soon after the ban was announced, PUBG Corporation officially barred Tencent Games from enjoying the game’s right in India.

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What are the top games like PUBG in 2020?

We played some of these best PUBG alternatives for Android, so we’ve compiled a list of 10 free games like PUBG, so you now become a better chance to try it out.

1. Call of Duty Mobile

call of duty 1
Console quality HD gaming on your phone with customizable powers, voice and text chat, and exciting 3D graphics and sound. Encounter the thrill of this world’s most beloved shooter game, soon on your phone as easy on-the-go play.

call of duty game
Favorite GAME Forms AND MAPS

Play iconic multiplayer maps from Call of Duty: Black Ops and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, free for the first time available. Or team up with friends in a brand new 100-person battle royale survival map. Mix fun with millions of players from all about the world!

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call of duty 2

Use skill and strategy to fight to the top in competingRanked Form or to win the largest clan prizes as you play with friends. Battle and fight against millions of friends and foes in this exciting free to play multiplayer shooter.

2. Gods of Boom      

Gods of Boom

Easy and intuitive controls: get a hang of this game of the get-go and start rising up the ranks!• Vivid graphics and support for older devices: stunning visuals will keep you glued to the screen, while the hardware requirements remain very moderate.

Gods of Boom game
 Engaging PvP battles: enjoy team-based fun over many maps and play modes. The adrenaline-filled action never in GoB!
• Character customization: build a unique hero by using a mix of various perks and machine skills, and find the perfect look with hundreds of cosmetic items. Building a plastic build for your play style is as simple as ever.

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Gods of Boom games
• Regular updates and events: with constant content additions, new features, and colorful themed events, you’ll never be bored. This game just keeps on giving!
• Pro Play Mode: eSports events with players from globally acclaimed teams. Can a mobile FPS be truly competitive? You bet!

3. Bullet Strike

Sniper Game

Get ready for an epic multiplayer SNIPER 3D easy shooting game! Unlock a variety of modern sniper pieces with dozen attachments! Defeat other sniper soldiers and reach the top of the leaderboards!

Welcome to Bullet Strike, a free shooter game, where you can become a sniper assassin by fighting with real snipers worldwide in different sniper arena.

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Sniper Game 1

Experience real-time kill shot battlegrounds of FPS Shooting games: It is one of the multiplayer free online shooting games so you can compete with real sniper shooters around the world.
Open dozens of new, important sniper rifles and protection: Sniper guns and targets are constantly released and updated. The game also has Bazzoka and Grenade guns to help you.

Sniper Game 2
Use sniper tactics to reach the top of leaderboards: Thee will be put your killer shot skills to the test. Be King Sniper FPS and we have many rewards for you.
Upgrade your personal sniper rifles with many types of attachments.
Be always updated on modes, maps, and characters: We always have Bullet Strike, Sniper 3D game updated regularly to meet the players’ wishes.

4. Modern Combat Versus

Modern Combat Versus

Drop-in free, play online FPS that defines a new era of shooter games.

Choose your Agent, master your role, and control the field of battle with your team. From skilled run ‘n’ gun attackers and covert killers to team supporters and sponsors, there’s an Agent for each style of warfare.

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Modern Combat Versus games
• Make each bullet count in 4v4 online multiplayer fights featuring a set of aggressive team-based game modes.

• Play as 17+ specialized Agents, each equipped with unique guns and abilities!

• Create or join a clan to connect with players around the world.

• Host Active Tournaments with custom lobbies, spectator mode, also in-game awards!

Modern Combat Versus games

• Go for the kill as you battle over 6 different maps covering from close-quarters to perpetual -range combat. There’s multiplayer action about every corner.

• Compete in ranked seasons and get pushed to higher leagues where the war hits new heights of online battle! Win free prizes and prestigious rewards.

5.Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire

Free Fire is the latest survival shooter game free on mobile. Each 10-minute game places you on a remote island where you are pit against 49 other players, all seeking survival. Players freely take their starting point with their parachute and try to stay in the safe zone for as long as possible. Drive vehicles to explore the vast map, hide in wild, or become invisible on proning under grass or rifts. Ambush, snipe, survive, there is only one goal: to survive and answer the call of duty.


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Free Fire
[10 minutes, 50 players, epic survival goodness awaits]
Fast absolute gameplay – Within 10 minutes, a new survivor will emerge. Will you go beyond the call of duty and be the one under the shining lite?
Garena Free Fire game
[4-man squad, with in-game voice chat]
Create squads of up to 4 players and establish contact with your squad at the very first moment. Answer the call of duty and lead your friends to victory and be the last team standing at the apex.

6.Battle Prime

Battle Prime

Battle Prime is a fast-paced third-person multiplayer PvP shot game with console-level graphics on your mobile game. This tactical battle simulator is centered on superpowerful heroes with unique abilities, formidable arsenal, and high-adrenaline action.
The next-generation war simulation has already started — it’s time to join the fight! Strike first, kill your enemies, survive, grab prizes, and show everyone who’s the coolest Prime among the ranks!

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Battle Prime game

Dive into the battle simulation, picking one of the Prime Agents — ultimate fighters with unique abilities and playstyles. Equip a large-caliber gun and unleash a massive fire force,

dealing devastating damage, or counterplay with a flash speed, killing opponents with a blink of an eye: choose the hero you like the most, enter the battleground, attack, shoot and enjoy your triumph in memorable, spectacular games!

Battle Prime games

The fast-paced team-based online battles are waiting for you! Team up with your friends in squads and shoulder to shoulder against common enemies, combining Prime Agents in strategic ways to become an unstoppable force!

And freedom to shift between Prime agents at respawns allows you to change tactics on the fly, counter-attack, and win!

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7.Action Strike

Action Strike

Action Strike is a 3D online first-person shooter for mobile devices. Quick reflexes and TACTICAL skills are necessary to become a successful player in this dynamic game. Control your character in the first-person view and destroy enemies with the help of your allies!

Are you ready to try your hand at a mobile FPS where victory is dependent on a player’s skill?

Action Strike game
– Compete with thousands of players by participating in SHORT, DYNAMIC PvP matches 1v1 in real-time!
– Control your character in the first person; shooting will be AUTOMATIC!
– A stable multiplayer game ONLINE: fascinating shootouts even with a slow connection!

– Both veterans and novices will be able to master the game in a matter of minutes; prior FPS experience is irrelevant.
– You can use the automatic shooting mode or disable it, adjust the controls to your liking!

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Action Strike games
– Epic Arsenal of more than 50 units of MODERN weapons. Grab your guns!
– You have access to new types of weapons that will lead your team to victory.
– Use the entire arsenal: pistols, knives, grenades, assault rifles, sniper rifles, bazookas, etc.
– The only shooter where you have access to heavy weapons: flamethrowers, grenade launchers, rocket launchers, etc.!

8.Grand Battle Royale

Grand Battle Royale

Grand Battle Royale Season 2018! If you like military blocky pixel games and battle royale games then you will definitely like Grand Battle Royale!

Grand Battle Royale game
• Pixel Graphics & Blocky Characters: Battle as hilarious blocky characters and show your style of gameplay.
• Survive gun games against other players!
• Battle in Online Multiplayer Games: Intense PVP gameplay against players around the world!
• Guns will randomly appear, so search the ground thoroughly! Survive by collecting more guns so you have an advantage over other players.

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Grand Battle Royale games
• Just like in true 3D block survival games, you can purchase any pixel block strike skins.
• Grab a pixel gun and dive into battle: Fun pixel graphics great for intense shooting battles!
• Big radiation island is the place where you have to survive while you playing in the blocky city.
• Multiplayer game is absolutely free online game for download.

9.Warface: Global Operations


Dynamic battles await you in the universe of the world-famous Warface shooter! Enjoy various combat modes, easy-to-learn controls, and amazing graphics. Create a unique character and break into exciting multiplayer PvP battles designed specifically for mobile devices!

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Warface game
Warface: Global Operations is actively growing and developing: new maps, weapons, equipment and character skins regularly appear in the game, as well as unique new game modes and events in which you can receive valuable rewards. The team is constantly improving the game optimization and matchmaking system with each update, providing the best gaming experience for fans of mobile first-person shooters.

Warface: Global Operations is:
– 7 awesome maps for dynamic PvP battles;
– 4 game modes and more than 20 mini-events in which the conditions change every day;
– More than 200 types of customizable weapons and equipment;
– 15 skins to alter your character’s appearance – and the list is constantly updating!
Warface games
Get a series of brand-new special weapons and gear, and play as a team of four to smash through enemy hordes and dangerous bosses. Unearth the latest Blackwood plot also makes the World a little safer!

pubg Alternatives

Final Words

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