Fortune Online App Referral Code 2021

Free PayTM Cash Get Rs.200 Joining Bonus

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Fortune Online App Referral Code 2021

In today’s era, through the internet, people do many tasks at home. Looking deeper, the Internet has become a powerful source that has made your daily work extremely easy.

1. A game experience application that can develop good reading habits.

2. Read global life information and know all the new things.

3. Receive red envelopes by reading and enjoy the fun of reading games!

Fortune Online App Referral Code 2021

fortune online app 2021

fortune online


Fortune Online

Sign up Bonus ₹200
Referral Code RFE96A
Refer and Earn ₹100
Payment Methods Paytm
Minimum Payout ₹300
Download Link play store download

WHAT IS a Fortune Online App?

fortune online app

1. How to register?

Answer: Click Register on the APP homepage and fill in the registration information according to the information on the page to complete the registration.

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fortune online app download

2. How to recharge?

Answer: Log in to the website or APP, go to the home page of the APP and click “I want to recharge” to jump to your payment page and enter the recharge amount to recharge, which means your wallet balance

fortune online app free

3. What should I do if I cannot receive the verification code during registration?

Answer: (1) Please first check whether the mobile phone number is entered correctly and check the mobile phone number usage status (such as signal problem, shut down due to arrears)

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(2) SMS verification code may have a delay in receiving verification code, you can wait for a few minutes and then obtain it again;

(3) If you still have not received the verification code for a long time, please contact online customer service for help!

4. How long does it take for the recharge to arrive?

Answer: (1) The account will be credited in real-time after the recharge is successful;

(2) Please contact online customer service for help if the recharge has not arrived!

fortune online app free 2021

5. Can I apply for cash withdrawal for signing in red envelopes, reading news rewards, and top-up amounts without participating in investment?

Answer: No, in order to prevent individual users from maliciously extracting the registration and check-in on the platform and the benefits of reading news, please participate in the investment project before the withdrawal can be made.

6. When will the investment income be calculated and when will it arrive?

Answer: Invest on the same day, accrue interest on the same day, and settle the income within 24 hours (for example, if the investment is successful at 15:00 on the same day, the income will be calculated at 15:00 on the next day). Each project has a different way of returning the principal and income. Please enter the APP project Check and understand for details.

fortune login 2021

7. Matters needing attention before investing

Answer: (1) Please browse the daily chemical rate of return, investment cycle, and other information of the selected project in detail.

(2) To avoid insufficient account balance, please recharge in time to avoid unsuccessful investment.

8. Can it be modified after real-name registration?

Answer: No, if you need to modify your personal information, please contact online customer service.

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fortune online app download 2021

9. Can the account be canceled?

Answer: You can cancel. If you need to cancel your account, please contact the online customer service staff. Fortune Online will abide by its promise and protect the privacy of users.

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10. Are there any restrictions on the investment amount?

Answer: Each project has a minimum investment amount. As long as the investment amount of each project meets the threshold investment amount, you can freely increase the recharge investment. Please enter the project list for details or consult online customer service to answer your questions!

2- How to make money in this app?

fortune online app news

When the global pandemic seriously affects the normal lives of people, the global economic downturn and the income of global investors are badly affected. American financial giants George Soros and Procter & Gamble Investment Fund Company Ltd are the heads of Soros Fund Management Company. One. The best. The most professional company in the world. Stocks, funds, futures, oil, and other trading teams focus on global high-value investment projects to help global investors survive the epidemic. Therefore, the company launched a new model of principal and interest guarantee for Internet financial investment. Therefore, Fortune Online APP’s are good at seizing the opportunity to make money.

fortune teller online app

3- How to get a registration reward?

fortune login

The registration reward is only a small income but can be used as the first investment capital, Rewards can be withdrawn only after participating in any investment project in the APP. For the first investment, one can select the lowest investment project to recharge in order to experience how to generate investment income. Why are rich always rich and poor always poor? Because you do not know that the rich have the concept of investment and financial management, not only the rich can join our APP, but anyone can get the opportunity to get rich. One can make small capital investments first and gradually understand the investment model. After the project is over, the recharge amount and the benefit of the project will all be withdrawn. The income generated can also be seen in APP. Everyone will understand the benefits of continuous investment projects. Income is a guaranteed principal and interest, and everyone can escape poverty!

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Fortune Online App Referral

For example: “Biplane Angiography System” experience project investment amount is 1000INR, the daily rate of return is 1.95%, project duration is 2 days, the investment amount is 1000INR, daily income is 19.5INR, and total income is 39INR. 1000INR * 1.95% * 2 days = 39INR

Fortune Online App Referral Code

For example: “Nasdaq Composite Index” investment amount is 10000INR, the daily return rate is 1.22%, project duration is 15 days, the investment amount is 10000INR, daily income is 122 INR, total income is 1830INR; Or the investment amount is 50,000 INR, the rate of daily return is 1.22%, the duration of the project is 15 days, and the total income = 50000INR * 1,22% * 15 days = 9150INR, so the recharge amount can be increased automatically. The more the investment principal, the greater the profit.

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