ClipClaps App Redeem Code List – $5 Free [October 2022]

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What is ClipClaps?

ClipClaps is a user-driven content distribution platform that focuses on bringing one of the very best & most pleasurable content on the world wide web. We will even reward you with money & prizes for watching funny videos! Open a treasure chest & examine your luck!

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Why didn’t I receive my invite reward?

As soon as you’ve encouraged a friend to combine ClipClaps, your buddy will get a redeem code upon enrollment. After the redeem code is employed, both the inviter & the invitee will get rewards. To learn more, take a look at the”How it works” page by going into the”Rewards” tab and then clicking on the free treasure chest icon.

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What’s a Clapcode?

ClipClaps App Redeem Code – 7872964620

Clapcode is the own ClipClaps ID. It’s essential to supply your Clapcode to your customer support representative when launching a support ticket. You might even add friends by simply entering their Clapcode (visit”Me My buddies – Add Friends.

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How Does This Work?

This app is only available for iOS devices and will need to be downloaded from the App Store.

You’ll need to be 17 years of age or older to download and install this app on your mobile device.

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The application has fixed the difficulties with being compensated via PayPal and has recommended that you utilize your PayPal account to make an account to the application & also log directly into your PayPal account.

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Once your account has been set up the rest is easy. You just start to watch all the latest trending videos.

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You’ll earn Clapcoins during the time you watch the videos.

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Additionally, the application provides you with bonuses while viewing videos. You can make scratchers. The scratchers may supply you with immediate earnings on your account or include more Clapcoins for your accounts.

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What’s New

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1. Added voting to challenges, you can now vote for your videos!

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2. More challenges are on the way, and more chances to win cash prizes!

3. New game Bricks Breaker is now available!

How Do You Earn Money?

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Keep yourself amused by viewing all of the trending videos that the application has to offer you. The longer you see, the greater Clapcoins you will get on your accounts. It’s simple to collect Clapcoins on your accounts. The movies are all funny and you can not stop seeing them.

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Keep up with all the newest news using the app. Read the latest events, check top news stories, and watch news videos to earn Clapcoins in your account. That is one way to keep on top of the latest news events while you’re being entertained watching videos.

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Join one of the many challenges the app has to offer

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Every challenge will relate to both real-life events and it’s simple to combine them. You will want to upload unique videos to enter among those challenges. Should you upload the ideal video and get the maximum claps for your video, you are going to win one of the many prizes that the application has to offer you.

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When you invite your friends to join the app using your referral code, you’ll earn more Clapcoins in your account.

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The more claps that people give to the videos that you’ve uploaded the more Clapcoins you’ll earn in your account.

How Are You Paid?

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  1. The app is paying its members for PayPal.
  2. You’ll need to link or log in with your PayPal account to make sure that your payment is instant.
  3. Every 5,000,000 Clapcoins in your account will convert to $5.
  4. You’ll need 10,000,000 Clapcoins in your account to receive $10 in your PayPal account.
  5. There is a flat fee of $0.25 that is charged when you cash out. You’ll receive $9.75 in your PayPal account.
  6. You can also redeem your Clapcoins for an Amazon gift card or other products the app has.

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You have what it takes to be the star of this community!

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We are the most rewarding short-form video community in the WORLD. Join our community today and fill your life with fun and laughs!

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At ClipClaps, we have the hottest short video content. Lose yourself in the infinite scroll of the craziest, funniest short videos from around the world, voted by the millions of users from South East Asia to Latin America!

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In ClipClaps, your opinion matters! YOU may be the greatest judge that determines the destiny of the upcoming popular video. Be the beginning of a meme that makes it into the history books.

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In ClipClaps, it is possible to build yourself up for a MEGASTAR content founder! Publish your articles and immediately get a huge number of opinions! Compete with others as well as the KING OF SHORT VIDEOS!

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ClipClaps is the PERFECT short-form video articles network. From founders to audiences, from casual to pro, you can begin your journey here together!

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Clipclaps App Download 2022

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App Name Clipclaps
Sign Up Bonus 5$
Refer & Earn 1$ Per Refer
Referral Code 7872964620
Clipclaps play store download
Redeem PayPal Account


Clipclaps App Referral Code

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