Welcome into BYJU’S – The Learning App, India’s biggest online learning application!
An ideal combination of participating in movie classes and personalized learning, the application was designed to help students practice, comprehend, and comprehend concepts in an extensive and easy-to-grasp strategy.
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Introduction to Byju

If utilized correctly by faculty and students, instructional technology, especially, can be found to profit in your learning experience. Studies also have demonstrated it’s vital to understand that the learning designs and profiles of pupils to acquire the very best education and learning experience. Multimedia technology has been found to have a favorable effect on a classroom of students with different learning styles.

BYJU’S app free

A recent study revealed that 70% of students surveyed believed that technology made course jobs more appropriate. Exactly the same study indicated that 70% of the students surveyed use technologies to discover by listening to audio and viewing movies.

Whenever these research have provided valuable information that can inform the plan of the learning experience, fewer studies have focused on the degree to that learning styles can use educational technology differently. The tablet PC, especially, has become a frequent tool in higher education.

BYJU’S Classes

Pupils may also try the comprehensive online tutoring program, BYJU’S Courses within this program. This system comprises online classes, live doubt-resolution, and additionally one-on-one counseling to help students learn far better. Book a free trial of BYJU’S Lessons now!

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The application covers Math, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Biology for classes –12, has recently introduced Social Research for classes –8 too. But that isn’t all — during this program, students will prepare for competitive assessments such as JEE, NEET, together with IAS.

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India’s best teachers

The notions are taught by numerous of India’s best instructors — such as Creator and CEO, Byju Raveendran. Every lesson was visualized for superior understanding as well as the program takes students to some personalized schooling excursion, based on their own learning design and pace. Furthermore, it gives flexible instruction, revision, and intensive assessments to be certain pupils have an whole conceptual understanding.

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BYJU’S lol

Team BYJU’S targets at creating our pupil’s lifelong students. And also our in-house R&D group of 1,000+ schooling specialists has employed state-of-the-art engineering and easy content to style the program and application to make sure students fall in love!


Learn about classes by India’s leading teachers, engaging movie classes, and personalized learning journeys. You can examine our Comprehensive tutoring program, BYJU’S Courses additionally

Exercise to perfection with flexible exercises which guarantee complete Comprehension of theories

Revise with tests and workout sheets. The app comes with an elastic Warm-Up, Sprint, and Hurry Mode for each thing

BYJU’S app free

Train for evaluations and out with modules that cover the Majority of the state-level Boards, ICSE, and CBSE syllabus for classes 6-10 and complete IIT JEE and NEET Preparation for classes 11-12

Assess your progress, strengths, and Regions of progress through real-time reports

Get doubts cleared quickly from our teachers during BYJU’S Courses and Get one-on-one Help from a dedicated mentor too

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What’s new:

BYJU’S App 2020

Free attempt for BYJU’S Courses that comprises:

Online courses by India’s Greatest teachers

Immediate doubt resolution

One-on-One mentoring

& more!

You’re able to reserve a course at no cost on the program.

BAIJU’S Latest Updates

The free live classes from BAIJU is going to be perfect proof the program is decided to help students to move with their study. BAIJU’S top teachers provide classes from the 4th to 12th classes. Students are allowed to pick and await the live classes made accessible by BAIJU.

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BAIJU’S Latest Updates The free live classes from BAIJU are the perfect proof that the app is determined to help students go ahead with their studies. BAIJU’S top teachers offer classes from 4th to 12th class. Students are allowed to choose and attend the live classes offered by BAIJU. The other latest update is the knowledge graph that offers extensive knowledge on the subject the student is learning. There is also the practice feature, which is also the latest update from BAIJU.

Another brand new update is the comprehension chart that offers comprehensive knowledge about the subject the student is currently studying. There is also the clinic feature, and it’s also the most recent update from BAIJU.

Final Words

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